Your wedding album is one of the most essential elements of your wedding. It not only captures all the special moments of your big day, but also gives you numerous precious memories to last a lifetime. It serves as a portal that takes you back in time and helps you relive those glorious moments again. It leaves you with a wonderful feeling, whenever you flip through its pages and revisit your memories. :)

Your wedding album tells your beautiful tale. Behind each picture in the album, there’s a story of its own. What if you get to present your tale in a quirky fashion? Wouldn’t it be even more amazing? :) Well, we have your answer to that! We bring you 10 ‘must-have’ unique shots, that’ll add that extra spice to your wedding album and turn your nostalgic journey through the memory lane into an adventurous one. (Make sure that your wedding photographer does not miss out on any of these poses! :) )



The anxiety, the nervousness, the excitement you feel while you’re getting ready for your D-day, is priceless. You’re wrapped up in a swirl of emotions from head to toe. These emotions are worth being frozen in a beautiful frame, so that you can revisit them again and again. Ask your photographer to keep his camera ready while you’re giving finishing touches to your groomwear or taking your friend’s help while draping the dupatta. This would, indeed be a beautiful keepsake of your wedding. :)

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The moment when you’re walking down the aisle and lay your eyes on your partner for the first time, is really a special one. There are butterflies in your stomach and your excitement is reflected by your face. It’s a wonderful feeling, that can’t be merely expressed in words. And, there’s nothing more beautiful than capturing this feeling and keeping it with you lifelong. :)




There’s nobody who’s more excited for your wedding than your BFFs. They are the ones who are always around on all  your wedding functions, taking care of your nitty-gritties. From feeding you to helping you get ready and even during the ‘joota chhupai’, their active participation is clearly visible. They are the life of your wedding. So, capturing a fun moment with your besties becomes a mandate. 😉



It’s your wedding day. There’s no second guessing that you are the hero and heroine of this day. You’ll naturally become the center of attention for everyone around. This is the moment you show them, ‘who’s the boss’! 😉 So, grab your sunglasses, get your ‘dabbang’ mode on and get clickin’. After all, swag is the new sexy! (Remember the famous song, “banno tera swagger laage sexy” :) )

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The groom gradually applying vermillion on his bride’s forehead; and the bride all blushing and nervous at the same time. What can be more dramatic than this moment. It’s an important ritual that marks the beginning of your married life. A special moment like this can’t be missed by your photographer at all. So, make sure your “Maang Bharo Sajna” moment is present in your wedding album. :)




Two souls who are completely drenched in love, are lost in the world of their own. They have found true solace in each other’s embrace. These lines create a ‘romance novel’ like aura, don’t they? Well, you and your partner should bring them to life by getting yourself clicked in that pose at your wedding. This will definitely add a magical effect to your wedding album and spice it up even more. Sounds like a ‘novel’ idea, isn’t it! 😉




You are bent on one knee, with a bouquet in one hand and a ring in the other. Looking into your partner’s eyes, you say nervously, “Will You Marry Me?” And your blushing partner sweetly replies with a “Yes” and accepts your proposal. :) It is an epic, romantic moment, isn’t it! Then why not get this special moment frozen forever in your wedding album. It will be a beautiful reminder of your fairytale’s beginning and light up your face for sure!



Amidst picturesque mustard fields, the hero plays a melodious tune on his mandolin and the heroine comes running into his arms. Does this scene ring a bell in your head? Yes. You got it right! It is indeed the monumental scene from the most loved Bollywood movie of all time, ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. You must take inspiration and recreate this monumental moment in your own style. It would definitely add a dash of glitz and glamour to your wedding album. :)

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Your wedding announcement is a thrilling experience, as you get to share the biggest news of your life with your friends and family. The happiness that this news brings to them is unmatched. You can take this experience to a whole new level by announcing your wedding in a quirky fashion. And, while your loved ones ‘save the date’, you can save this moment forever in your wedding album.



Your wedding is not just a big day for you but for your entire family, too. Without them, your wedding loses its essence and the festivities remain incomplete. Getting your pictures clicked while they are showering their blessings or giving their best wishes, is pretty common. Why not spice it up and add more drama by throwing in some random, funny poses. It will be a guaranteed ‘ROFL’ moment that’ll turn your nostalgic journey into a fun ride! :)


So, all the would-be brides and grooms, gear up for an amazing wedding album and a fun-filled walk through the memory lane. Lots of crazy memories are coming your way! :)

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