Shopping? For dad?
I know, its an impossible task. But we did a grunt for you, to make you the genuis. Here’s a list of 12 interesting gift ideas for this Father’s day. Afterall, the father’s too should feel special, even if you empty their pockets the rest of the year.


Throwback Sweets

Gift your dad this father’s day, his memories from childhood. Pick some candies and sweets which he used to fight for, to have, in his childhood. Wrap his childhood in a gift wrap, he will be more than happy to see it.




Men care products

Men like to keep themselves as prim and proper as females, these days. In a corporate world, looks matter. So why not gift the essentials in a pack, to keep them looking young?

men care



Teemy kegs

Dads love their drinks, They will love you more if you gift them beer kegs, nipping the bud, of a man crave can never go wrong!

beer kegs



Gourmet Chocolate Shots

Hi Belgian chocolate filled with cognac, rum, vodka, whisky! You are all that dad secretly ever wanted!

gourmet chocolate shots



Whisky Gift Set

Army dads, well they love their whisky on the rocks. Gift them their drink and you will be his favourite kid.

whisky set



Custom Collar stays

Personalise brass collar stays with your dad’s name or some special date to which he is attached, and you will instantly be his favourite mushball.

collar stays



Cup cakes

Hello Daddy! Some cup cakes for you. And boom, you are his favourite. Sometimes, daddy’s too like to indulge themselves in chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, isnt it daddy’s?

cup cake iii



Cool Gadget

Surprise your dad with this cool gadget which combines 10 bartending tools in one. Whatelse do they need?

bartending tools



Phone covers

Everyone knows that dad’s are the original hipsters. Hook yours up with this cool looking cover designed for that hipster dad who loves vintage stuff.

i phone cover



Steel Wallet

If your pops has been rocking the same wallet ever since you learned how to walk, well its time you upgrade him to this lightweight, stainless steel version. This is soo cool, it protects against theft of the wireless credit card information.

steel wallet



Hammock chair

The travel loving dad’s should not at all feel bad, as we have something for them too. Gift your pops a hammock, a light, easy to carry, which he can carry on his holidays, to feel the luxury.

hammock chait



Beer making kit

As much as dada’s love their drinks, why not surprise them by gifting them a kit where they can brew their own drink themselves? Gift them this luxury, and expect party at your place every now and then!

beer making kit


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