Supernatural has always  been one of the most engaging and interesting topics for any group of people. Start talking about paranormal experiences, nobody would want the dialogue to take a different direction or to end. To some, parallel world is just another horizon of human imagination; while some have reasons to base their belief on. You must have read and heard about spirits. Here are some known things about jinns nobody ever told you:-


What The Word “Jinn” Means

“Jinn” means “concealed or hidden”. It is an Arabic word that comes from the verb “Janna” which means “To hide”. Hidden from human sight? Woah… lucky fellows!



What Are They Made Of

According to Arabic Mythology and Quran, jinns are made from smokeless fire, while we humans are made from clay. No, that doesn’t imply they’re hotter than humans. Ever heard of a Miss World who was a jinn? Me, neither.



Their Faith?

Many references have been made in the Arabic mythology towards jinns being the followers of different faith systems. No evidence of religious wars between Jinns so far is a conclusive evidence that jinns are capable of using their brains, that gives them an edge over humans.



Possessing Human Bodies – Okay This Is Creepy

There have been a large number of movies centered around the topic of possession of human body by supernatural entitiy. That might be a little discomforting to believe but that happens possessing of human bodies isn’t just limited to screens.


They Possess A Human Body When

  • They are in love with you – no kidding!(Humans don’t fall for you? Try jinns!)
  • If you’ve hurt them somehow(Jinns are sentimental beings)
  • If the jinn is wicked(Why should humans have all the fun?)



“I’d rather live in an abandoned place – I Hate Humans.”

They mostly reside in ruins and abandoned places. No wonder even jinns don’t prefer to live with us humans. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that there isn’t one living in your house, under your bed, or inside your body. They live on earth in a world parallel to humankind. And here comes the fun fact – the wall between the two worlds is… well there isn’t a wall. They step into our world as they please.



Tricks To Attract Jinns

Here’s some valuable piece of information for all the single ones out there willing to attract anyone regardless of their tangible or intangible nature. A few factors which attract jinns towards humans are – strong perfumes; long, untied hair; beautiful faces(and you thought there were no perks of being ugly?). Okay, you may stop daydreaming now! On the contrary to what you must be wishing, they don’t date. They possess someone they’re attracted towards. Coffee dates isn’t their “cup of coffee”.



Jinns = Human Spirits? Nope.

Contrary to the popular notion that Jinns, ghosts and spirits are one and the same thing, jinns are nothing like the rest two except for their characteristic of being paranormal. Jinn isn’t spirit of a dead human. Be careful the next time you refer to a jinn as aatma or bhoot or chudail – you don’t want to witness the wrath of an invisible stranger.



Their Favourite Sport

Ever wondered if jinns play too? Yes, they do and their favourite sport is playing with subconscious human mind. Believe it or not, jinns are very well capable of affecting your thoughts. They can get inside your head and make you do things. But that doesn’t mean schizophrenia, lunacy, dual-personality disorders, etc are nothing but jinns having a sport tournament inside your head. This leaves us with the conclusion that women are not the only ones who love to play mind-games.



Satan Is A jinn

According to the mythology, Satan is a jinn too, who whispers in a human’s ear and try to stray them from the path of righteousness. However, you still remain accountable for the sins and crimes you commit. Satan gets away because it is a little complicated to convict someone you cannot see; you, on the other hand, go to prison fist and then to hell. It’s tough to be a human, isn’t it?




Fortune-Tellers and Magicians

It is widely claimed that fortune-tellers contact jinns to be able to do things which are not humanly possible. Not understanding women kind of things though. Certain types of magics are also done with the help of jinns – “magic of love” being one of the few exceptions. If you’re unable to find a good job that pays you a lot, catch a jinn today and become a baba who will make others’ lives miserable by telling them when and how they’re going to die, and will somehow still be able to make a lot of money out of the “divine” profession.



Jinns Existed Before Humans

Even thousands of years before Adam, jinns existed. So that makes them technically the oldest entities in this world. That calls for some respect, dude. Dinosaurs couldn’t survive, but jinns did. Tough creatures!


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