Weddings are a festive celebration of love and we show our blessings with gifts. However it is a hard talk to choose what gift we want to give and make it as special we want to that too in our budget. So here are some really amazing gift ideas for the Bride and Groom.



Jewellery and Wedding go hand in hand. On can see the bride flooded in gold and diamond. Jewellery is one of the best idea one can go for. If the bride and groom are your loved ones, you can give them a couple ring or chain but only when you know their taste. Silver is another auspicious gift to give on a wedding. You can gift a silver spoons, pepper or salt shakers etc.



Decorate their Home!

Your friends are just married and are going to shift in their new home. Imagine them walking inside on their wedding night and finds the whole room decorated with their photos and candles all over. Be creative and get them a nameplate of the names of bride and the groom and also with their wedding date inscribed on it. Scent the home for a Romantic aura.

Decorate their Home


Plan their Honeymoon!

Again this is for close friends, if they are really close to you and you know where they want to go for their honeymoon. Don’t wait just go and book a honeymoon package for their favorite destination.

honeymoon funds


Decorative Items

If you just know them and do not want to spend much but still want to make them feel special, go for some interesting decorative items for their new home. These are easily available and affordable. These includes paintings, beautiful wall hangings or vases. You can also go for customized gifts.

decoration items


BAR in a Jar!

If he/she was your best friend in college and you know their liquor choices. Take all of them and fill it in a huge jar. Why not gift them this open bar! This is special and you’re friends are gonna love it. This is also thoughtful and very informal.

BAR in a Jar

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