Different people; different perspectives on birthdays. To some, their birthday is the most special day in an entire year and they don’t want the day and the feeling of being the center of the universe to end. Social people are mostly into such celebrations. While, on the other hand, there are those who don’t give a damn about anybody’s birthday, including their own and they spend it more or less like an ordinary day. Here’s a list of different ways in which people generally celebrate their birthdays:-


Loooong Celebrations

Pre-Birthday celebration. Celebration. 1.0. Celebration 2.0. Celebration 3.0. Celebration 4.0. Post-Birthday Celebration. Next Month Birthday Bash.  Argghh!



An All-Relatives Dinner Celebration

People who are supposed to celebrate their birthdays with relatives are the most pitiful creatures. Imagine your birthday celebration turning into an interrogation where you have to answer for questions like – Beta shadi kab kar rahe ho?


Outstation Celebrations

Outstation celebration because celebrating in your own city is too mainstream. Yes, some people do have this kind of spare time and money. Anyway, YOLO!


Spiritual Celebrations

Some people prefer to start their birthday celebrations by having a little chit-chat with God, and later on hawans &  poojas are organised at their homes. These are the smartest ones because, apparently, the plan is to try and convince God that it’s their day and they should be blessed with whatever they ask for.


Room Turns Into Pub Tonight

Some people just love to get high. They invite their friends and turn their rooms/flats into pubs by introducing lots of cigarettes, alcohol, music, etc. to the atmosphere.


Spreading Smiles

These are the people who prefer to make their day special by spreading smiles among orphans, widows, disabled people, elderly people, etc. These are the kindest kind of people, provided they don’t post about their ‘great deeds’ on social media.


Leave Me Alone!

These are the ones who find nothing fascinating about birthday celebrations or humans. They rather prefer to spend the day alone, sleeping and avoiding texts and phone calls and the obvious question – party kahan hai?


Maa Ke Hath Ka Khana Celebration

Very simple kind of celebration where mom cooks your favourite dish and dad brings a cake, and the whole family eats together at home. This is the most popular way to celebrate among youth in a parallel universe.


 Could you locate yourself on the list? 



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