Apart from the bride and the groom, wedding cakes are the highlights at any wedding. They are sure to catch all the eyes , and a tasty cake means happy guests!
Here are a few beautiful wedding cakes, for you to get inspired from, for your own wedding!



Rose petal inspired cake decoration is perfect for a simple wedding. The decoration demands the cake to be at least six-tier, and round in shape. It won’t look good if you try to change the shape to square, although you can minimize the size of the cake according to your preference.





Two-tier and three-tier  cakes are perfect for a wedding with a small guest list. These come in various shapes and flavors, and can be customized accordingly.




Chocolate cakes are an all-time favorite. You can go for a variety of cakes in this flavor. Block cakes, floral cakes, fondant cakes and anything else of your choice. For a different look, you can also go for chalk-board style cake. These are available in all flavors, but tastes best with chocolate.



For a rustic and different look, you can go for cakes with a little worn out look, or an earthy look. Here are a few ideas,





For cakes that are extravagant and huge, you can go for cakes that are more that four-five tiers.
Choosing cakes that represent your style and personality as a couple, you can go for the following ones,




For a li’l out of the box cake ideas, you can ask your baker to get inspired from these cakes.




A rainbow themed cake will be big enough to serve all your guests. On the other hand, if you don’t want a too lavish cake, you can go for a waffle cake. It’ll look different and equally tasty!




If you wish to stick to the floral decoration, you can get inspired by the above cake designs. Floral decoration looks subtle, cute and refreshing and is one of the most preferred cake decor idea.




If your wedding is going to be an intimate affair, with minimal guests, you can try single tier cakes. They are perfect fo this occasion! Get it decorated according to your taste and requirement.

Weddings can never end without some mouth-watering desserts. Give you guests these beautiful looking cakes, that’ll not only taste good but will give them something to remember for a long time! :)















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