One of the most popular genres in cinema is Mystery-Thriller. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to watching thriller movies. Surprise is the most important element in the movies of this genre. Here is a list of thriller movies you must watch for their twisted and thought-provoking endings:-


Shutter Island

This masterpiece directed by Martin Scorcece is one of the best suspense thrillers ever made in the history of cinema. The meticulously gloomy movie has a very wisely written script which keeps the viewers guessing between the reality and imagination even after it ends. One brief piece of dialogue at the film’s conclusion explains everything that’s there in the movie. Sheer brilliance!


The Machinist

The entire movie is centered around guilt. The remarkable performance by Christian Bale as an insomniac is worth the maximum praise. The Machinist is one hell of an eerie movie with an even stranger twist towards its end.


The Prestige

This Christopher Nolan movie is one of the finest movies of all times, packed with powerful performances by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. This magical movie revolves around the obsession of two rival magicians. As the movie moves towards the conclusion, few unanticipated twists happen and whatever you’ve been thinking till then loses its meaning. The climax of the movie is sure to make you think hard upon what just happened.


The Others

This Nicole Kidman starrer horror flick stands apart from any other movie of its genre, due to its simple yet captivating screenplay. And the major reason for the movie’s popularity is its twisted climax.


The Usual Suspects

The reasons why one must watch this movie:

1) Greatest climax ever

2) Absolutely stunning performance by Kevin Spacey

It is a punctiliously scripted, faultlessly acted masterpiece that stands up to repeated viewings.



A movie that is going to make your heart pump faster and keep you to the edge of your seats until it’s over. 12-year-old Isabelle Fuhrman gives a terrifying, chilling performance that is worthy of praise. The movie initially leads you into believing in something, and later blows you when the truth starts to reveal itself and it’s something you had not even thought of.



Director – David Fincher

Actors – Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman

The movie is suspenseful and in parts very exciting. There is a “Pseudo-Noir” quality to this movie that really fits in well with the content of the film (Serial Killing).



A haunting and thought provoking tale with breakthrough acting from Matthew McConaughey. There is a lot about this movie, including a great twist which makes this thriller a must watch.



A dark, slow-paced, thriller with great acting by Jake Gyllenhaal, who is playing two characters in the movie. Its twisted plot, visual features and philosophical themes have earned it a “what the heck” fame. How this movie ends leaves everyone baffled.



This is a popular Korean Mystery-Thriller which is counted amongst the memorable thrillers of all times. Oldboy is engaging and perfect in all senses. The mystery in the plot is good enough to keep anyone wondering.



Sorry to keep this movie on the list of movies with twisted endings because this movie is twisted throughout. Borgman is an excellent Dutch movie which has a metaphorically written script, which makes one think and interpret every single scene.


Donnie Darko

This is where Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting career took off. Donnie Darko promotes hard thinking and then a harder re-thinking. It’s a sci-fi thriller and is exceptional in its own unique style.



It’s thrilling. It’s haunting. It’s scary. It’s a classical masterpiece by Alfred Hitchkock with a great climax which leaves jaws open.


Primal Fear

Great murder mystery with astounding acting from Edward Norton. The climax is sharp and twisted. 


Sixth Sense

The greatest movie from M. Night Shyamalan in his entire career. The movie absorbs the viewer and the twist makes you restless. It is unique in the manner that it relies on imagination and psychology to scare you and make you think twice about the world around you.


If you’re a thriller fan and there’s a movie from the list you haven’t watched, you’re missing out on something great.


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