Spring season is almost everyone’s favorite because it offers such a pleasant weather, this is the reason why spring season is considered to be most favorable for weddings. As it is a season of weddings the brides to be must be aware of what type of makeup they should put on their D-day. The usual makeup brides put on other seasons is different from what you need to put in spring season.

So ladies, following are some helpful spring bridal makeup tips for you!




Very essential for spring time, a good moisturizer. If you have a dry skin then oil based moisturizer is most suitable for you(apply couple of times in a day before your wedding day so that your skin looks healthy and glowing). Go for foundation products which have more moisturizing agents(do not go pick up usual summer foundations). Also go for skin matching foundation and primer, brides can set their foundation with a layer of translucent powder but do not over do it because you can end up looking cakey.

Spring facial treatment

Very important skin treatment for all the brides to be in spring season. Pre wedding facial treatment such as skin exfoliation treatment can be taken with other facial treatments.


Sun protection

sun protectiom

Spring wedding means lot of exposure to open areas under the sun. This means keep your wedding makeup light and use makeup products which offer high sunscreen protection.




In spring season brides are likely to put bit more bronzer. Remember all types of bronzer don’t suit every skin type, so chose one which matches your skin tone like soft bronzer are for fair to light skin shade, everyday bronzer is for medium to tan skin color and one bronzer is the boldest shade of bronze. Apply Bronzer where sun kisses your skin naturally like forehead apples of your cheeks, nose and chin.


Color palette

color palette

Spring colors are light and pastel.Blush do wonders to a makeup look, it helps you avoid looking pale.The most favorable universal blush palette colors are pink and peach but you need to pick up the right one according to your complexion for a perfect spring bridal blush!. For fair skin choose shades like light pink and peach, for medium to honey complexion go for colors like coral or hot pink blush and if you have dark skin tone the go for highly pigmented blush colors namely apricot or magenta blush.


Eye Look

eyelook spring

A must makeup do is eyes, highlight your eyes beautifully with outlining by waterproof eyeliner and dark khol. Use lighter eyeshadows don’t go for very bold or dark color eye shadows, choose eye colors that compliments your outfit. No eye makeup is complete without a good layering of water proof mascara.


Spring Lipsticks

spring lipstick

Lipsticks can make or break a look.For spring time suggestion for brides are to go for light makeup and a loud pout!. Pick up bold lipstick colors like red, hot pink berry shades even some shades of tangy orange looks great, void putting matte lipstick colors because in spring time it tends to dry your lips more.

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