You can make a gift look fabulous with simple things lying around the house.Boring gift bags and typical gift wrapping papers are so monotonous.
Giving and receiving gifts gives great bliss especially if it’s wrapped in an enticing style.

Give your gift that unique look by using some creative gift wrapping tricks.If you want to make that little effort for your loved ones, here are some creative and unique DIY gift wrapping ideas.

1. Magazine Craft Bow



1. chose a magazine page(without images;just texts)and wrap your gift with it.

2. take a colorful magazine page(for the bow)and cut it into strips of different sizes.

3. now twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and staple it.Shape the last shortest strip into a circle.

4. start layering with longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with a glue.

5. finally,stick the loop into the centre.

2. Think out of the box!



1. select a fabric depending on the size of your gift you want to wrap.

2. place the fabric with the patterned side downwards and place the gift box in the centre of the fabric.

3. fold the bottom fabric corner up and cover the box and tuck it beneath the box.

4. now fold the top fabric corner down over the box.

5. lift up the left and right ends of the fabric and tie them in a “right over left” overhand knot.

6. finish up with “left over right” knot.

3. Ripcord quick wrap trick



1. cut a length of ribbon a few inches longer than your gift wrapping paper.Place the ribbon along the inside of your wrapping paper and tape it at one end.

2. fold the taped side of your wrapping paper onto your gift.

3. complete the wrapping like you would normally do.You wil end up with the loose bit of ribbon poking out,to which you can attach “pull here” tag.

4. Ribbon Weave Wrap



1. wrap three or two lengths of alternating colored ribbon around your present.

2. secure each ribbon at the back with double side tape.(do not attach the ribbons to the gift)

3. with another length of ribbon, weave perpendicular to the first 3 ribbons, “under,over,under” .

4. with two more ribbons weave them on the either sides of the previous ribbon.(follow same “under,over,under” trick).

5. lastly secure the loose ends.

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