Marriages in India, are a vibrant affair. A lot of pomp and show; music and dance; rituals and traditions come into play at an Indian wedding. Brides across India, vary according to their culture or religion, but there is one quality that unites them – they are all breathtakingly beautiful. They put in a lot of effort for their Big Day and surely win our hearts. So here is a compilation of some lovely Indian bridal looks. Pay attention! You might as well pick up a few ideas for your own wedding.

Maharashtrian Bride

A Marathi bride is clad in a Paithani saree, typically in colours such as leafy green, aubergine and golden yellow. The saree is teamed up with glass green bangles and patlyas (solid gold bangles). The main highlight of a Marathi bride is her mundavalya which is a string of pearls tied across the forehead and worn by both the bride and the groom; and her nath – a traditional nose-piece with pearls woven into a Paisley shape and a white stone in the centre.

Dazzling Indian Bridal Looks

Kumaoni Bride

A Kumaoni bride  can be distinguished from other Indian brides by the enormous size of her nath and a pichora (a kind of dupatta in the combination of turmeric yellow and red, which is used to cover the bride’s head) The size of the nath varies from bride to bride and there are an array of designs to choose from. These 2 essentials lend  beauty and a touch of tradition to the radiant bride.

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Bengali Bride

The Bong bride is draped in Banarsi silk or a kantha saree which is mostly in shades of red and gold. The saree is teamed with shakha-paula (shell bangles in red and white colour) A majestic mukut adorns her head. The bride looks nothing short of a real queen. With an over-sized bindi and kumkum on her forehead, the bride looks stunning.

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Kashmiri Bride

A kashmiri bride wears a traditional lehenga, a cap called Kalpush, wrapped in a white cloth called  Zoojh- this entire head gear is called Tarang. Gold pendants in gold chains dangle through her ear lobes- this Kashmiri ornament is called Dejharooor and is quite an exquisite one. Tradition and beauty are assimilated in the get-up of a Kashmiri bride.


Punjabi Bride

A punjabi bride can be heard from miles away as her kalire would keep jingling. Another chief ornament, that punjabi brides wear is the chooda, which is a symbol of their marital status. The cool Punjabi bride looks fab in these traditional ornaments and a stunning lehenga.


Rajasthani Bride

Dressed in a traditional red coloured ghaghra-chunni, a rajasthani bride wears a very distinctive maang-tikka known as a borla. Her ornaments also include a baajubandh, haathphool and meenabutti. This bride exudes a royal charm and is a treat to the eyes.

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Assamse bride

This enchanting bride is draped in mekhela chador, which is a 3-piece outfit consisting of the blouse, the part to be draped around the waist and a dupatta that is used to cover the bride’s head. The Assamese bride usually wears a mekhela-chador in the combination of white and gold and teams it up with a flaming red bindi. 


Muslim Bride

The Muslim bride looks resplendent in a side pasa or jhoomar and is dressed in a sharara. Her veil covers her entire face. Her arms are dyed with henna and overall the bride is simply breathtaking.


Christian Bride

Unlike other Indian brides, a Christian bride looks unique in terms of her attire. Clad in a white wedding gown, a thin veil covering part of her face and a tiara on her head; she is as fragrant as the bouquet she carries to the altar. Real Bride Josephine looks stunning in this self-designed white gown.


Gujarati Bride

A Gujarati bride drapes 2 particular kinds of saree – a Panetar, a white saree with red bandhini border and a Gharchola- a red colour bandhni saree with ethnic motifs. A baajubandh, nath and maang-tikka are her chief ornaments.


Malyali Bride

Clad in a white silk saree with a broad golden border, this bride is one classic beauty. A Malyali bride wears different necklaces of varying length, as well as a choker, all pure gold ornaments. A pair of jhumkas dangle from her ear lobes. Fresh flowers adorn her hair-do. A Oddiyanam (a kind of ornament worn around the waist) completes her overall look.


Manipuri bride

A traditional Manipuri bride dons a skirt called Raslila. They also wear either a black and red sarong which is  known as pindhan or a thami sarong that covers almost the entire body, and is coupled with a choli or a blouse which is full sleeved. This entire outfit is teamed up with a blouse known as silum.


Telugu Bride

A Telugu bride drapes a Kanjeevaram saree, with thick borders, in Madisar style. They are adorned with fresh flowers and gold ornaments. They also wear an Oddiyanam to keep the saree in place.



So all the best to all the soon-to-be brides. Keep dazzling! XOXO :)







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