Due diligence is required while choosing a wedding venue because assuring yourself about everything is better than regretting your decision later. There are a few factors which are equally important, so, none should be neglected. When you start your research for an appropriate venue, following things should be taken care of:-



While you choose a wedding venue, make sure the venue should be easily approachable by guests. It’s an important factor unless the plan is to save money by keeping the presence of guests to bare minimum.



Adequate Space To Accommodate Guests

You can avoid this point if you’re comfortable imagining some of your guests attending the function standing outside the venue gates because there isn’t enough space for everyone.


If Serving Non-Veg Is Permissible

If you plan on serving non-veg to guests, it’s wise to go through the fine print of the terms & conditions of the venue of your choice.


Sufficient Parking Space

Lots of guests means lots of vehicles. There should be proper arrangements for vehicle parking because not too many people prefer auto rickshaws over their own vehicles for attending a wedding.



Under normal circumstances, you cannot say things like “Sorry, I can’t help it. Not my concern.” to your guests when asked about directions to washroom. So, the polite approach is to choose a venue that has proper washrooms lest you disappoint your guests.


Decoration Services

It’s quite common for wedding venues to provide decoration services too. You can opt for such package to save yourself the trouble of dealing with decorators separately. Moreover, there is a fair probability of receiving concessions.


That’s all. For more such factors, you can always use your common sense. 


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