Everyday brings something new with it, but there are a few struggles that remain the same! Regardless of the day, time, season, year and decade, the struggles are never ending! We’re sure you’ll totally relate to these everyday struggles of life.


You are sleeping peacefully, cuddled up in the blanket, hugging the pillow and suddenly feel the temperature turning up. *The fan is switched off* Errgh!! All our maids love to spoil our sleep by not turning the fan on, after cleaning our room! Don’t you just hate it!



You are already running for work, like every other day, and your toothpaste decides to trouble you some more! You can hardly open your sleepy eyes and the toothpaste is not ready to co-operate! You literally have to choke the tube to death, to get one dab of the paste on your tooth brush. Such hard work!



You are covered in foam from head-to-toe, and the water wants to play hide-n-seek with you! Last minute water-tap failures, literally, annoy all of us the most! You can’t go out, you can’t open your eyes and you have to scream out loud for help! Why this injustice Good God?



You’ve got all dressed up, and your cab is almost around the corner, you’ve already locked your house and you have to leave. And then, just then, you’ll get the ‘perfectly timed’ nature’s call! You just can’t help it! No matter how much precautions you take and freshen up yourself thousand times before you’re all set to go, this nature’s call will always trouble you at the not-so-right time!



This is one of the biggest struggles of life! You keep you earphones, all sorted, in your pocket or in your bag, hoping to take them out as you kept them; and your earphones decide to have wild sex and get all tangled up! Untangling them is such a killing job!



You finally get time to binge on your favorite series you’ve been missing, or you find some really interesting videos on YouTube, and you want to watch them. You are about to reach the most interesting part of it, and just then YouTube buffer-zone’s you! Such a pain! Buffering will spoil all the fun, just at the moment when you are enjoying it the most! ¬†Why God, why!? *sobs like baby*



You are dining-in with your squad, eating delicious food, drinking mojitos, giggling and having fun. All is going well, until you realize there’s something stuck in your teeth! You become so conscious to just take that out at any cost. You feel ¬†embarrassed in talking to people, when you know there’s food peeping out of your bright white teeth! You work the hardest than you ever have, in your entire life, to get that thing out, secretly praying that no cute stranger sees you doing that!



After a tiring day you finally lay in bed, and relax and just then your phone rings. Call from work, asking for your assistance at any odd hour is sure to piss you off! You’ve already done your part for the day and need some serious rest, but your manager can’t see you happy! This is the moment that makes you turn to God, for help!



All of your friends are discussing over movies, places to visit etc. and you are secretly praying that they don’t involve you. A plan comes up in no time and you have to join in. An unwanted movie plan or a dinner outing comes up, out of nowhere and you can’t say no! You go for the love of God, and these things happen especially when you are suffering a hole in your pocket, and in case of girls, when you are on PMS! All you want to do is go home and relax, but your life is not ready to co-operate!



The biggest enemy of your life is auto-correct! You wanna type something, and auto-correct has to play wise and convert it to some other word from Mars! No matter how hard you try, YOU JUST CAN’T GET RID OF IT! It’ll annoy you to the core, and will play word-games especially when you are in the middle of something important. It’ll spoil your conversations, and sometimes suggests so weird words that are sure to make everyone laugh their stomachs out!



Add your comments below, in case I’ve missed out on any of the life struggles!















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