Bored with the idea of wearing cliche bridal jewelry? Here are a few unique ideas for floral jewelry for the bride-to-be which are trendy and easy to carry! Keeping the summers in mind, this jewelry will add a totally refreshing feel to your haldi-mehendi ceremony.

All girls have been crushing over the ‘Umrao-Jaan’ jhumars! It’s time to wear it on girls! Jhumars are easy to carry and are quite different from the usual mang-tikas. This will add an exquisite yet bridal touch to your look.



Mang Tika
Floral mang tikas are a new trend in floral jewelry. You don’t want to wear much of the jewelry on your haldi or mehendi, we have it sorted! Just put a mang tika and you are good to go! You can get it made in the usual mogras or add a new touch to it by adding marigold or roses.


maang tika mang tika 2


Hath Gajra
Replace the usual bracelets with ‘hath gajras’. These bracelets are made of fresh flowers like mogras, roses and lily. These can be wrapped round the wrist and also can be worn as ‘Baju-Bandh’. This will save you the efforts of carrying bangles and rings and bracelets on your hands and wrists. These are light weight and super cool to wear!




Floral Borla
If you wish to stick around the traditional bridal jewelry yet want to add a new touch to it, floral borlas are the right choice for you! You can get the borlas made with fresh flowers. This will make you look bright and blooming.



Floral Jewelry set
This will include all the accessories that a bride-to-be wears during haldi-mehendi function. This will include mang tikas  or borlas, necklace, earrings, baju-band and whatever you are comfortable wearing in!



Look as fresh as a flower by incorporating these innovative and splendid jewelry ideas and be the cynosure of all eyes on your haldi-mehendi ceremony! :)

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