Ever wondered, what happens if you are the first girl in your gang to get hitched? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore. It has a whole lot of feelings associated with it; while some are good, others are bad. You simply can’t help thinking that you will be the only person to tie the knot and will miss out on the bachelor-life fun. Your friends are there for you throughout the wedding, but soon enough, you begin to miss them. You remember all the good times spent with them and can’t help shedding a tear or two. But, your friends are forever and a few miles can’t shake the foundation of the unshakable bond of friendship you share. So take a look at all that happens when you are the first girl in your gang to get hitched-

You get the best bachelor party

You are the first girl in your gang to tie the knot, so all your friends are really excited and put in their best efforts to make your bachelor party, the most happening one. You will probably be the one to get the best bachelor party in your circle as your buddies will pull all stops to throw the most memorable bachelor party for you. :)





Shopping for the wedding becomes a nightmare

As none of your friends are hitched yet, they have no idea whatsoever about wedding shopping. You have to go to a lot of trouble to shop for your wedding and find something suitable. Your friends will aid you in your shopping expeditions, so there isn’t much to worry about. They will walk you through the headache of wedding shopping, because that’s what friends are for! 😉




Your friends have plenty of fun at your wedding, and you envy them

You are all loaded up with gold and a ‘heavier-than-you-lehenga’. This is the moment when you truly envy your chums, who are having the best time of their lives. Too much fun, eh! Don’t be a grumpy bride. I am sure they are missing out on the fun of a married life 😉





Your friends get nostalgic about old times and get overly sentimental

The fact that you might be going far away from your friends, squeezes a tear or two out of them. They might become sentimental and take you down the memory lane. All the years they have been by your side, all the love they have showered on you; no one could have asked for more. A better set of friends couldn’t have existed! :)




You are the butt of sleazy jokes

You are the first one in your group to get married, so be prepared for those not-so-innocent, sleazy jokes and incessant giggles and laughter that follows. But, you will have a good laugh and all these jokes are cracked in good humor, so just have a good laugh or blush till your cheeks turn red. :)




Your friends have all the time in the world to help you out with your wedding prep

Your friends will be by your side, whenever you need them. They will help with all the wedding preparations and will also lend a hand in getting you ready for your special day.





You become an expert at wedding planning

Now that you have been through it, you have mastered the skills of planning the perfect wedding. You can easily guide your friends, when they plan to get hitched. All that trouble you took for your wedding, will come handy in some way or the other. 😉




So have a wonderful time with your besties, and make sure to appreciate their efforts with a thoughtful gift! Let yourself be pampered! It’s your big day, after all. 😉 XOXO




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