Hair constitute 90% of your looks, and ‘Good hair’ adds perfection to it. Hair are not the ‘be all’, but bad hair days are sure to come, and can turn off your mood. Calm your tresses, and try these ideas, if you are having a bad hair day!


A bun is a savior in all situations, and is perfect for a bad hair day! Tie your hair into a simple ponytail and tease your hair a little. Wrap it around in a bun and secure it with bobby pins, and you are good to go! It keeps you relaxed in the humid weather, and keeps your hair frizz-free. You can also add small and casual braids in your low bun to add more fun to your look.



Your regular parting makes you hair look flatter from the side. Try a new parting, and leave you hair open. This will give your hair more volume. You can also try using dry shampoo, in order to keep them more manageable and frizz-free.



If your hair is in a fantastically unmanageable state, frizzy and dry, bandanas will be your life saver here! You can tie it in different ways and sport a great look. They are available in different colors in the market and look good with braided pony and high buns. You can also leave your hair open, if you can manage them.



If you’ve got out of bed and are already in a hurry, ponytail will save your look! If you want to carry an ‘out-of-the-bed’ look or an ‘overslept’ look, ponytails are a best option. You can tie a high ponytail, horse tail pony or a sleek pony.



Tame your frizzy and wavy hair by braiding them. Braids look cute with almost all the outfits, and are a great idea when you are going through a bad hair day! Dutch braid, fish-tail braid and french braid are a few styles to choose from.



Style you frizzy, wavy and damaged hair with soft curls. This idea is best when you want to hide you damaged hair and split ends. Add more texture to your ‘bad hair’ and by spraying some hair styling spray, leave-in conditioner or by using some dry shampoo.



So girls! Flaunt your luscious locks, even when you feel they are not their best!


























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