We’re fixated with the glitzy and glamoury looks of our favourite celebs. But if you look at these celebrities in a ‘no makeup’ state, you’ll start worshipping their stylists and makeup artists for the magical transformation. These divas dazzle us with their gorgeous avatars after so much efforts. Beneath all this makeup, they appear to be just common people like us. No offense. Have a look at the list below before the next time you tell someone that you like girls better without makeup:-


Jennifer Lawrence

All those guys out there who have a huge crush on her, I’m sorry for making you feel betrayed!


Rani Mukherjee

Naaaaice dark circles, Rani!


Kristen Stewart

You have seen her without expressions; now see her without makeup!


Mila Kunis

I know you may find it hard to believe but this is not her brother in the left picture in the collage.


Bipasha Basu

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!



She: I want to look pretty like Kajol!

He: LOL!




Age doesn’t matter when you know how to use cosmetics to disguise yourself as 30 when you’re actually 57.



Kim Kardashian

Doesn’t matter, right? Because she breaks the internet every now & then.



Angelina Jolie

Just one more instance where you’re going to fall for her all over again.




Now I don’t mind if I can’t find someone like you…

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