We often treat ourselves with booze, and then forget about the empty bottles. They keep lying in the cellar for days and months, and then finally one day, we throw them off. Ever wondered that you can create some awe-inspiring decoration pieces out of them! Here a few DIY ideas to use wine bottles as decoration pieces.


Cover the wine bottle in a layer of sparkle dust to give it a magical look! All you have to do is apply glue all over the bottle. Spread the sparkle dust on a flat surface, and start rolling this bottle on the dust. Start from the lower end of the bottle, this will provide you more help in gripping as well as covering the bottle in sparkle. You’ll have to be very patient through out the process, but the final outcome will be worth it all!




Go for some unique candle stands by trying out this idea. Cut down your bottle into whatever size you require, but do it very carefully, even the slightest bit of extra force can break the glass bottle. You can either use the upper neck portion of the bottle as a cover for the candle flames or you can use the lower bottom to create a hanging candle stand. Wine bottle candle stands will surely amaze your guests, whether you use it at home, or at a party.




One of the most innovative ideas is to replace your old flower vases with the new wine bottle vases! Decorate them with paint, or let them be plain as they are. You can even plant small Show plants in them.



TWINE : You can cover the wine bottle with twine and decorate it for a more wondrous look.




If you wish to decorate a party venue using wine bottles, this is an uncommon idea. You can number the tables with the help of the bottles. This will not only look eccentric, but will also give a rustic look to your decorations. You can either tie the numbers around the bottle or paint it on them.




Bored of the cliche, regular shaped photo frames? Here is an unusual idea! Put your photographs in wine bottles and wait for the extra good feedback from everyone! You can decorate the bottle with pearl strands, or other things of your choice. You can make it the most beautiful decor piece of your house, if you do it the right way.




Put a series of decoration lights inside the wine bottle and place them on a table near a switch board. Make a small hole at the bottom of the bottle and pass the connecting wire through it and connect it to the socket. Switch it on, and watch the light glow from inside the bottle. You can paint the bottle for a more neon look.




There are other ways in which you can use the empty bottles to decorate your house or any party venue. You can create a small partition wall made out of these bottles, or other showpieces for decoration.





Wine it out! And then add a more classy look to your decorations.
















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