A large proportion of guests attend a wedding function to binge on the deliciously mouth-watering shaadi ka khana. Some of them even skip their lunch in order to savour the wedding spread. If you wish to please the guests and also stick to your budget, here are some items that shouldn’t be a part of your wedding menu:-


Bitter Gourd/Bottle Gourd

There may be people who actually like to have Lauki or Karela but if you really want to keep either of these two on your wedding menu, you’ll have to first find such people and invite them to the wedding so that the dish doesn’t remain untouched.


Pani Puri

Some temptations are too hard to resist. Pani puri tops the list for women. If you keep Pani Puri on the menu, the atmosphere is going to seem funny with a huge female queue in front of Pani Puri counter. Plus, too much of it is not healthy.



“Khichdi is my favourite food. I hate the fact that they don’t serve khichdi in wedding functions.”-said no one ever. Khichdi should be the last item you imagine having on the menu unless you’re planning to invite a huge number of patients from some hospital to the wedding function.


Bony Fish

Imagine a few guests missing out on the wedding ceremony because they were too busy getting rid of fish bones. It is advisable to avoid having fish on the menu if you don’t want the wedding function to become memorable because of a choking hazard. Secondly, fish is an expensive item.


Pork And Beef

A community in our country doesn’t eat pork; another prefers to avoid beef. Moreover, beef is banned in India. So, in order to avoid offending your guests and the law, go for chicken and save yourself!


Diet Food

No matter how desperately people want to lose weight, there is always a fascination towards shaadi ka khana. It is totally safe to assume that nobody is going to attend the wedding and look for diet food.


Cheese Items For Starters

Heavy items in starters kill appetite. Starters should necessarily be light so that people don’t have to skip the main course items. They must be delicious though.


Very Spicy Dishes

It is your implied responsibility to make sure that nothing on the menu should wind up harming your guests’ stomachs. Thus, spicy dishes shouldn’t dominate your wedding menu, as doing it may give your guests health issues, especially the elderly ones.



Everything else is welcome!


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