Bridal shower is one of the most awaited and cherished event for the bride and all her girlies! It is the most anticipated event, before marriage. All the girls let their hair loose, and have unlimited booze and food! Add more taste to your bridal shower menu by going for these unusual food items.


Soothe your sweet tooth by keeping a lot of cupcakes, in a variety of flavors. Cakes will add more flavor and fun to it! Ask your baker to decorate it, keeping in mind the theme of your party. Fruit cakes, with a li’l rustic decoration, will add more fun to your event.




Put a full-stop on your diet, you pretty bride! And binge on to your heart’s content. Eat as many chocolates and brownies as you want, nobody will stop you. Chocolates are a girls’ best friend, and hence, don’t forget to include them in the bridal shower menu.

















Indulge your taste-buds in some delicious and tempting smoothies and shakes. Toothsome smoothies are sure to delight all your guests and even you, will relish the taste.





Keep a substitute for your friends who don’t want to get high on booze. Fruit juices and mocktails are a nice option to consider, even for the bride. It comes in lots of varieties that everyone can pick up a flavor for themselves!




Incorporate seasonal fruits and yummy dips for your awesome bridal shower menu. This is a good replacement for barbeque, and is sure to be an instant hit!




Your guests will savour these delicacies, and enjoy your bridal shower to its fullest!







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