Flowers are the best natural decorative items for any occasion. Everyone loves flowers whether it be small children or old grandparents. Flowers create a naturally beautiful effect and helps refreshing the moods of every guest. They please the eyes and also make beautiful decoration pieces. Flower decorations are generally mismatched in weddings and birthdays which can hinder the beauty of these natural flowers. hence here are some flower decoration ideas for parties to help you search the best flower decoration for weddings ever.

1. Wedding Venue Decorations:

wedding venue decoration

Upside down decorations: You can make a ceiling covered in flowers. Flower chandeliers can make the best look and create an effect of lush indoor inverted garden. Floral walls can also be made by the fresh or artificial flowers. Swap out the more traditional crystal chandelier for the modern flowers one which mimic the look and feel of a light texture. try hanging long strings of flowers and cover the top in greenery and berries for a garden fresh feel. You can create hanging single stem bottles by tying glass milk bottles to the ceilings with few stems of monochromatic colors.

2. Wedding Stage Decorations:

wedding stage decoration

Fresh flowers and light strings are the perfect stage decorations for every wedding. Firstly get the entire stage covered with soft colored curtains and add strings of some lights to create a glowing effect in night. Above that fix beautiful flower bouquets of contrasting combination to the curtains and sofas on the stage. Flowers on the pillars and tables can be kept if you are planning a satin flower decoration for your stage. Red and golden flower contrast is the perfect for marriages. Pink and white flowers in curtain drapes also look wonderful. For a more subtle center stage you can combine satin curtains of two different colors together and keep colorful flower bouquets for added look of love and romance.

3. Flower and Petal lined aisles and centerpieces:

flower decoration

Create a lush floral aisle runner to create a fresh and beautiful look. Also add larger arrangements next to the chairs to create a defined pathway to the alter. Arrangements of cut flower or a fruit tree can also be kept at the aisles. lush monograms at the entrance covered with monochromatic flowers like mosses. Also cover the outdoor ceremony entrance with cleanly constructed all floral wreath. Cascading floral table runners in place of fabric runners are the modern table decorations. Choose one flower type and a monochromatic color scheme.

4. Flowers With Food:

flower with food decoration

Welcome each guest at the table with a flower head on their napkin ring. A bright flower with a large head on a neutral napkin and charger helps in an ultimate pop. DIY paper or fabric flowers can also be used for a more economical benefit. you can offer a self made boutonnière bar with florals on trays which will please the male guests. Cakes with cascading white flowers create a beautiful look.

5. Peace White Decorations:

white flower decoration

You can create a clean and crisp all white theme for your wedding and carry all decorations in beautiful white flowers.Use height, texture and lighting in your centerpieces to create a depthly effect and help the effect of flowers stand out. For a classy and mystical feel go for an all white backdrop. A stage background with white pillars and flowers help the dresses of the couple to stand out and create a beautiful background.

6. Mandap And Archs Decoration:

Archs flower decoration

The canopy of the mandap can be decorated with flowers, both artificial and fresh. Provide bright look by using roses of different colors. Extensive use of flowers like marigold, jasmine would impart a traditional look to your mandap. Make use of marigold glasslands and bunches of roses to decorate. For a western look you may use netted drapes with flowers like carnations, baby roses, lilies or orchids. make a bunch of exotic flowers to keep at the center, behind the mandap to create a more attractive look.

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