Siblings are ready-made friends for life! No matter how much you people annoy each other and trouble each other, you know in the heart of your heart that your life is not possible without them! Here are a few rib tickling and heart-warming things you’ll totally relate to, if you have siblings!


Right from filling the water-bottle, bringing milk and other such work, everything will come right back to you, if your younger one asks for a favor and you deny it! They know all your conspiracies very well and will blackmail you to death, if you refuse to give them favors! Sharing chocolates and Maggi is mandatory or else get ready to be bullied!


If ever your parents catch your mistake, the blame game turns up! You guys will keep blaming each other and none of you will accept your mistake!  This turns out to be good because none of you guys get punished as your parents get tired of your blame game and leave!



Be it morning, evening or mid-night, you guys have endless fights for the TV remote! you won’t touch the remote the entire day, but as long as your sibling wants to watch the TV, your inner desire to watch something overpowers you and you guys start fighting!


As a brother of a sister, it is your duty to keep up with all the secrets of your sibling. There are times when you know you can’t let the truth out, for everyone’s benefit. Be it signing the school/college applications or dropping them to the theater instead of the coaching center, covering each other’s tracks is a sibling code!


As soon as your parents leave you guys home alone, you are ready to bring the house down! Regardless, if they are out for 2 hours or 2 days, you guys know how to have that mini party! You’ll give the neighborhood some taste of music by blowing up the speakers, will call up your friends over for a movie, or maybe a li’l booze! You guys are the perfect party planners for yourselves!


How fun it is to talk in code languages that only you guys understand! Almost all siblings have their own language in which they communicate, which even their parents can’t decode! If you want to make fun of an aunty visiting your house, or if you want to imitate your father when he scolds you; you guys can do it like pros ’cause nobody else gets your codes!


You guys are absolute team-workers when it comes to getting a ‘mission’ accomplished! You want to sneak-out at night? Want to order pizza without your mom knowing? Want to go on a date without the fear of getting caught? You guys handle it well! You are are a perfect team, and play it safe!


If you happen to have an elder brother, rest assured that you’ll never have guy problems! Be it teasing, asking for you contact numbers or other petty things. Tell your bade bhaiya and he’ll fix it for you! He’ll drop you everywhere, right from your college/school to your best friend’s house and sometimes, even the beauty parlor! But he won’t take the fun out of your life.


No matter how much you guys fight, or how much you annoy the hell out of each other, you guys are connected just like Nutella to the bread! You are each other’s shoulder to cry on, back to lean on, feet to step on and hearts to hold on, forever. You stick around each other for now and for always! You can’t see them laugh, but you can’t see them cry either!



Tag all your siblings and tell them how much you love them! 😉


















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