Move away from the usual way of conversing; and, lace it up with wit and sarcasm. Let your wit and sarcasm be your armour that dispels all stupidity around you. We bet you might have come across a lot of TV show characters, whose sarcasm just went through the ceiling. Too good, huh? Sarcasm is way too much fun than plain humour because it’s not for everyone. Don’t you just love it when your favourite TV show character speaks sarcasm as their first language? Here is the list of few of the most sarcastic ones:-


Dr Gregory House – House MD

A highly intelligent doctor with a pitch dark sense of humour who always has a witty comeback  ready on the tip of his tongue. This cynical character deserves the topmost position on the list due to his impeccable sarcastic remarks throughout the show.



Charlie Harper – Two And A Half Men

This character played by the great Charlie Sheen doesn’t need an introduction. He loves alcohol, women, alcohol, women, alcohol… and never lets the viewers forget how sarcastic he is.



Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

Whatever is usually wrong in a person, Barney has awesomeness in its place. His sarcasm-coated punches serve as mainstay in the show.


Jim Moriarty – Sherlock

Sherlock is known for his wits, and Moriarty is the guy whose intelligence surpasses Sherlock’s. His tricks surprise Sherlock and his words render him speechless.


Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

He is a brutally honest, sarcastic, charming, blue eyed vampire who became the reason why large section of girls started finding vampires attractive.



Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

His relation with sarcasm is one of a kind. He claims that he doesn’t get sarcasm but indeed he is witty and sarcastic enough to shut any mouth on the show.



Chandler Bing – Friends

Imagine watching an episode of FRIENDS without Chandler’s sarcastic commentary. It’s boring, right? Sarcasm is Chandler’s shield, and that makes things interesting for the viewers.


Dean Winchester – Supernatural

Supernatural is glad to have him on the show, and so are the viewers. He is capable of hunting demons and has a very firm grip on sarcasm.



Tyrion Lannister – Game Of Thrones

His tongue is longer than his body height and his words are heavier than his body weight. He always makes sense and he always knows the better comebacks.




Yeah, yeah, there are many more you want to add to the list. Go ahead, do that in the comment section below!

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