Delicious food is definitely one of the best things about any wedding function. It is the most crucial factor on which the guest turnout for the wedding depends. As there is a variety of sumptuous and aromatic food on the menu, likewise there are certain types of guests who can be categorized on the basis of food-binging. Read on and find out, which one is your type-


Those Who Skip Their Breakfast & Lunch

It’s no secret that there do exist people who keep themselves starving for the entire day just to be able to eat well at wedding.



Guests On Diet

These belong to a rare species who miss out on shaadi ka khana fearing they might gain some extra grams of weight. Can you imagine? Gross, isn’t it?


Food Value > Gift Value Guests

500 rupye rakhe hain lifaafe me, 600-800 ka toh kha ke aana hi hai!”


Those Who Waste Food

“Doesn’t matter if I can’t eat everything, my plate will taste everything on the menu today.”


Starters Lovers

Though there’s no denying the fact that many a times, starters are more appetising than the main course menu, it’s a disrespectful gesture towards latter to not try it.



Criticize To Digest

Such guests are not very uncommon to see who, after binging on everything on the menu, use a formula called “criticism” to digest it.


Eat Well! Thanks!

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