We spend more than half our lives at our workplaces; slogging, whether we like it or not. These workplaces can either be the most happening place ever; or might just as well be the bore-to-death, mirthless, energy-sucking vortex. Whatever the case, we come across certain types of co-workers , who are kind of ubiquitous in every workplace; all of whom are like a cog in the wheel, collectively contributing to the ambiance. Here is a list of the most common type of people that can be sighted at any office.


The Boss’ Pet

This particular type of colleague does each and every odd job in office (anything and everything, that would bring him into the good books of the boss) ; be it delivering a package to the boss’ spouse or ordering the boss’ favorite for lunch. Even the after-office hours are devoted to taking care of all the boss’ needs; and all this, for a favorable promotion or simply for dominating over your fellow workers (Mostly, there is the hidden motive of a good appraisal). This colleague is usually a detestable sight to his co-workers, as they literally work their arses off , while all he/she does is flatter and inflate the boss’ ego. It is just like having a sibling who always overshadows you, however much you try.


The Clown

The office cannot remain a quiet place, when this particular colleague is around. Giggles, repressed laughter, guffaws will reign the office , as soon as the most entertaining colleague enters. Merely, the appearance of this workmate, makes everyone break into laughter. This co-worker can even give Kapil Sharma, a run for his money; and rest assured, the volley of jokes are never going to stop (unless, of course someone is sent by the boss to shush you up). It feels like the best time of the day; almost like an energy drink, that recharges you, when work has literally sucked out your very soul. Office, no longer remains an uneventful place to be in and it surely helps lift up the spirit of all the tired souls at office.


The Lazy-bone

This co-worker is another vexing kind, you can find at your workplace. This person seems to lack limbs or the energy to move them. This workmate is overly attached to his chair, just as a politician is; and come what may, he/she will refuse to budge. Even a walk to the coffee machine, seems miles away. So, this colleague will largely rely on others to get his coffee or any file that he needs. This person is so lazy that he/she also finds it difficult to complete any assigned work. But, they wrack their brains and think hard and successfully come up with ways to either avoid the work in totality, or finish it off with the least efforts possible. As Bill Gates says-“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

lazy 4

The Fashionista

This sassy and dapper co-worker  loves to flaunt her stylish wardrobe and you simply cannot help gape and turn green with jealousy when he/she ramp-walks through the office. This one is an attention grabber; a head-turner. This colleague’s impeccable taste in fashion amazes you and gives you an inferiority complex at the same time. The worst thing is that even your crush seems to admire this fashionista and your heart shatters into a million pieces when you see them engrossed in a God-knows-what conversation. This chic and trendy wardrobe, clubbed with such classy accessories, is stuff your dreams are made of. Gucci, Versace, Armani, Prada; you name it, this fashionista has it all.

fashionista 2

The Workaholic

Irrespective of whatever happens in the office, this colleague sticks to his work, preferably with headphones on, to drown the noise around. If you see someone in your office, typing furiously, scribbling notes and downing copious amounts of coffee, keeping social contact to a bare minimum; then you have found your workaholic colleague. Due to the tremendous effort this colleague puts in his/her work, this person usually ends up at the top of the appraisal list. I guess, having a workaholic colleague is a good thing; because even if you feel lazy about the work at hand, this workmate’s zeal and dedication, pushes you to work harder.

workaholic 1

The Foodie

This one’s my favourite type (maybe that is because that’s totally me 😉  ) All this colleague can ever think of, (apart from work, of course! Let’s not neglect work. 😉  ) is food, some more food and again a little more food! This person is well stocked with a variety of snacks and the colleagues around him are quite well fed and get a fair share of the goodies. The first and last thing that a foodie colleague thinks in a day, is (Well, you guessed it! :)  ) FOOD. People who bring food for this foodie workmate, become his/her best buddies. So, if you need any favour from this food lover, then all you have to do is order his/her favourite dish.


The Gossip-mongers

Finally, there are these whisperers of some dark and deep secrets at office; secrets, that lack an element of secrecy. These colleagues can overhear your private conversation and spread it like wildfire, all across the office. They are expert at adding a little bit of flavour and spice to any juicy piece of information they have gathered. As we breathe in oxygen to sustain; their sustenance revolves around gossip. You might have noticed a few of them at your own workplace; either signalling to each other or talking in hushed tones, looking at the subject of their gossip, through the corner of their eyes. Beware of these gossip-mongers, as they are the deadliest type!



So, these were some types of people you might have come across at your workplace. If you are annoyed by an altogether different type, then do share with us in the comments section below. Live long and Prosper! :)



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