Being a bride is one of the best and the most memorable moments of a girl’s life. Every girl’s dream is to look special and beautiful on her most awaited wedding day. Makeup ion a wedding day is much different from the makeup of everyday life. You need to hire a perfect bridal makeup artist for this purpose. Most brides tend to hire makeup artist who are not professional because of their cheap rates. The wedding day is the most special and once in a lifetime day so you need to look the best and you need to have a perfect bridal makeup artist for this purpose. You need to keep some important points and warnings before choosing the perfect artist and here are some of them to help you in choosing the perfect one:

1. Style and Portfolio:

professional makeup artist

You need to check the blogs, website, facebook and instagram profiles and pages to know their work and experience. You can’t obviously hand over the big task to someone who is not good at it. A professional makeup artist comes armed with skills to ensure your makeup for wedding stays perfect throughout the day and night. So they need to have the know; edge in face shape, theory, color analysis and also the technique to hide some flaws if they happen to be. You need to get these knowledge about different artists and make a survey to help you reach your final decision.

2. Budget:

Professional Makeup Look

A lot of women tend not to hire a professional makeup artist for their wedding day, the major reason being too expensive. Long time after the wedding you would be left with the memories and photographs to cherish your beauty. So you would not hesitate spending a lot on your bridal makeup, but you need to have a budget to decide the perfect makeup artist for you.

3. Decide Your Needs Priorly:

Professinal makeup artists budget

You need to know before hand what is the type of makeup you want. You need to narrow down the mass of makeups to a few choices that would best suit you. You should know what kind of makeup you want and discuss it with the bridal makeup artist. Your jewellery, accessories, and dress also governs the type of makeup you need to have. And you have to know the skin types as well. So discuss the same and then decide the artist who can perfectly understand your likes and dislikes and work according to that.

4. Referral Check and Comfort:

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Sometimes the photos on the blogs and facebook can be fake as well. You need to do a referral check with the persons they have already been clients with. Ask your friends, family and co workers if they can give you a contact of an experienced makeup artist. You can also ask the wedding planners to suggest you a good bridal makeup artist. Your comfort level with the makeup artist is also of utmost importance. They need to understand you, your likes and dislikes and the quality of your skin, also the makeup which best suits you.

5. Trial Run:

Trail bridal makeup tips

You need to have a trial run to ensure you do not hate the makeup on your wedding day and feel uncomfortable and doubtful throughout. A trial run is basically a preview of what you will look on your big day. The money spent on your trial is well spent because you need to judge things priorly. You can’t just try something unique at the end because there is always a scope for blunders. So do the trial run to avoid last minute panics. trial runs also help the bridal makeup artists with timing themselves on the day of the wedding.


1. Karishma Khandelwal­ South Delhi:

Price: 15000 (appx)

Makeup By Karishma

There are a lot of bridal makeup artists in Delhi but Karishma Kathpal is the most famous in South Delhi. She believes in staying updated with the latest trends all around. She gains experty in bridal hairstyles and makeups all around. You can get her at panchsheel marg, near Siri Fort Road.

2. Neha Jindal­ West Delhi

Price: 25000 (appx)

neha jindal makeup artist

She works with colors and pigments that complements your skin and knows about the wedding makeup techniques which suit the cameras and videographies. Their professional meets you for trial a couple of months priorly. Their philosophy is to create a warm natural makeup using finest products to make you feel comfortable and radiant. She can be visited at Harinagar.

3. Aarti Makker ­North Delhi

Price: 15000 (appx)

aarti makkar makeup artist

Aarti Makkar Makeup Artist

She believes in creating the best of brides by her hardworking talent of makeups. She specialises greatly in eye makeup. Not only in West Delhi but brides from all over Delhi admire her eye makeup.

4. Sheetal­ Noida

Price: 10000 (appx)

She offers an integrated solution for all types of makeup needs. She is good in understanding the face and using the color combination which suits your face in a perfect way. She can enhance the hidden beauty of a face and helps her face look fresh and natural.

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