Watches are a timeless accessory.With time evolving watch trends have gone under number of makeovers. The market is flooded with watch trends,every other day some brand launches some unique wearable watch technology. Initially watches were regarded as a needed accessory but now it has become a sign of status. The new technologies have changed the whole notion of watches. Here are some latest designer watch trends for both men and women.

But before going deep into detail of trending watch ,first briefly understand some key points to remember while picking any designer or vintage watch.

Weight: A quality watch must feel like a quality watch.Remember quality watches are complexly made and take good space and weight. And when you put it on you should feel like you are wearing a designer watch and not a toy.

Name and Tradition: Look for watches which have a long historic tradition in making watches because they are more reliable,like Rolex,Casio,etc.

Branding: because of globalization and marketing tricks,forging of designer watches are done to overwhelm the customers. But if you are buying a swiss watch then look for two simple words “swiss made” because legally only real swiss watches are allowed to carry the “swiss made” branding.

Art and Design: idea here is to emphasize on aesthetic value with good functionality.

Movement: quality watches are intricately constructed which helps them to produce flawless sweep. Even the tick-tock sound is finely tuned.




Erstartt 3D Printed Unisex Watch


Designed and created by Paul Kweton.The shape and design of the watch helps it to sit adjacent to the wrist. As the name denotes it has been created using 3D printing technology,which gives it an attractive geomentric shape. The color scheme of the watch lets you wear this everyday and is suirable for both men and women.


The Hublot Big Bang Alarm Repeater Timepiece:


The Hublot Big Bang Alarm Repeater Timepiece is specially designed to help you orderly execute your alarm timings.Instead of using the monotonous alarm clocks,this timepiece has a bell that gently buzzes on the set time. It also allowes dual timezone function,its a mens watch specially for bussinessmen who has a fashion sense. The Hublot Big Bang Alarm Repeater Timepiece is available in variety of metal options.


Classic Yolk Watches:


The Classic Yolk Watches by AARC collectives offer minimalistic design with bright color usage.Aesthetically it’s a sleek and simple watch. Classic Yolk Watches are durable with stainless water-proof quality and shock resistant structure in case it’s dropped. You can use this as a bright accessory to compliment your outfit. Suitable for both men and women.


The Charles Jaja BOJURIA Watches:


The Charles Jaja BOJURIA Watches are an affordable luxury. Offering great aesthetic value and permanence.The watch strap is specially made of crocodile skin leather with butterfly buckle. Style and look of the watch has been kept simple yet stunning. The watch is durable, Luxurious and water resistant upto 50 meters.


Fossil Riley Rose Watch:

fossil watch for women

Fossil Riley Rose is a beauty with double gold twisted D ring detail and paved crystal rim. Also offers water resistant , leather strap and analogue quartz movement. Fossil Riley Rose Watch is a mix of both elegance and glam. Suitable for parties and semi formal look.


DKNY Soho Ladies Watch:

DKNY Soho Ladies Watch

DKNY Soho Ladies Watch is an amalgamation of simplicity and chicness.If you are looking for a beautiful timepiece for everyday wear then go for this.

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